Producing Green Energy in Partnership with Farmers

Ag-Grid Energy partners with dairy farmers to produce electricity and renewable natural gas generated from cow manure and various types of food waste. Our proven processes are sustainable and carbon negative. Our dual purpose is to create energy with positive environmental impacts and to support family-owned farms by reducing their costs and sharing profits.

Carbon Negative Is a Positive

A carbon neutral entity generates no additional greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. However, a carbon negative entity is more impactful because it sequesters greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

More Positive Impacts from Ag-Grid

In addition to generating green energy, Ag-Grid’s process diverts food waste from landfills and incinerators to create nutrient-rich byproducts used as organic crop fertilizer or compost.

Recent Projects

Miranda Dairy

Miranda Dairy

Ferndale, CA
Humboldt Ag-Grid is Ag-Grid’s first dairy digester project in the state of California and the second community digester within Ag-Grid’s portfolio.

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