Digester will produce enough renewable energy to light up 320 US homes and divert 20,000 tons of organic waste from landfills

Oct 18, 2017
Granville, MA– Rockwood Ag-Grid LLC is pleased to announce that the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (Mass DEP) has granted a plan approval to the anaerobic gas digestion system, an associated engine, and an enclosed flare (the “Plant”) at Rockwood Farm located at 355 Granby Road in Granville, Massachusetts. Rockwood Ag-Grid would like to thank Mass DEP and our engineering consulting team from Tech Environmental for their diligent work to get through this process.

With the approval of the air permit, construction of the digester can move full steam ahead. The anaerobic digester is expected to be online in early 2018 and once operational the digester will use dairy manure and organic waste to make biogas. The biogas will be used to generate about 3.5Million kW-hr of electricity every year using a 450 kW engine; enough to light up 320 average sized US homes. In addition to making clean renewable energy, this digester will divert about 20,000 tons/year of organic waste from landfills and incinerators.

About Ag-Grid Energy LLC:
Ag-Grid Energy has a mission to convert agricultural and organic waste into renewable energy and to support local area practices that lead us towards a sustainable environment. We partner with dairy farmers to finance, build, jointly own and operate waste to energy conversion facilities in US.

About Rockwood Farms:
Rockwood Farm, started in 1969, is owned by Richard C. and Mary Woodger and their two sons, Dan and Doug Woodger, are active members in the farm operations. While Doug manages the dairy operations, Dan will operate and manage the digester system once operational. The farm has about 600 cows and ships 23,000 lbs. of milk daily and actively grows 500 acres of corn and 280 acres of hay.

About Rockwood Ag-Grid LLC:
Rockwood-Ag-Grid LLC is a special purpose vehicle formed by Ag-Grid Energy and Rockwood farms to build and operate the anaerobic digester at Rockwood Farms in Granville, MA.